Discover all the sites, sounds and experiences our beautiful city has to offer, We have a dedicated travel team working hard to ensure your travel expectations are met and surpassed.

Why not discover New Delhi with EuroStar, we have set packages for all our customer and provide competitive tours and destinations within the city at astonishingly reasonable rates.

We Work on a Zone System©.

The travel team have set prices for particular destinations and can offer a variety of destinations to compliment guests and there individual travel needs.

Below you'll find a few examples of the types of tours we offer, consisting of Full-Day and Half-Day tours. Our vehicles are fully serviced and permitted/licensed to travel to all the destinations provided, we ensure the safety of our guests is not compromised therefore service each vehicle every 3 months. Any further information can be found during your stay at the Euro Experience Desk.

Destinations (Zone 1)

Tour Pre-Payment (Zone 2)

Tour Pre-Payment (Zone 3)

Tour Pre-Payment (Zone 4)




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